Welcome To My World-Great Day!

The New Book is coming along well. “Rose Donlin-The Next Generation” I am starting to type the story into my laptop to save. This is the 7th Chapter of “Rose’s Betrayal And Survival” Rose woke just as the sun was beginning to shine in her window. Her first thought was all the work she needed to get done that day. She hoped Joseph would let her open the door to the cabin to let some fresh air in, since the air in the cabin was always so stale. Opening the windows would not work for two reasons: Joseph allowed no breeze on him, and the windows in the cabin were built so they did not open. Rose made Joseph breakfast. She tried to do her chores earlier, because she needed to get to the creek to wash clothes. Her mind was busy thinking of a way to make Joseph feel better. The splashing of the water blocked out any noise. A feeling came over her and little shivers shook her body. http://www.collmannwarehouse.com

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