My husband of 61 and one-half years mentioned to me how everything has change since we married in 1951. We married in Dec.24th 1951. I was 18 years old and Colin was 21 years old. The house on the farm we moved into had no inside plumbing. That means no running water, therefore no bathroom, no place to wash clothes. The water was carried from a hand pump nearly a block from the house. We would have to prime the pump with a small amount of water then pump the handle up and down. The water would come up through the pipes, fresh and cold. We filled our pail to carry to the house. This was the water to drink and also to cook with. On Monday morning my wonderful new husband whom I loved very much carried water into the house to heat and then carried the water out to the shed where my washing machine was. The white clothes was always first and then colored because the same water was used to wash all of the clothes for a week. The washing machine was a wringer, so the clothes were put through the wringer into rinse water then into the wringer again to squeeze all of the water out and then out to the clothes line. I am the author of a Pioneer Series and will continue Chapter 7 of “Rose’s Betrayal And Survival” The bear stood up on his back legs and put his weight against the outhouse. His claws were pushing and scratching on the boards over her head. The building began to squeak, and vibrate with his weight. If he tipped it over she had no chance at all to survive. http://www.collmannwarehouse.com

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