Feels like fall in Chicago. The air in the morning is cool. This is a great time of the year. I’ve had so many, many people tell me the “Rose Donlin Series” would make a great movie. Now we are looking into it. I was told to call or E-Mail the IOWA PUBLIC BROADCASTING CO. So, I did that and directed the producer to my Web-page and my Facebook page. He answered by saying he got some information from the two, but needed more. I sent the 8 books to him and I’ll wait to hear if he received them. His biggest concern was if the story came from IOWA. I explained I had worked 16 years as a nurse at the Akron Care Center. Heard so many stories from the residents, also Colin’s father was born in 1885 and his mother in 1890. I did not forget the stories I heard because I love stories. They are IOWA Stories. The other news from the Clay Co. Fair is, the Play House Theater asked if I would be interested in making the books into a stage play, or have a reading in the theater. Please may I ask all IOWA people to back me by E-Mailing the Iowa Public Broadcasting Co. when I hear from the producer?

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