We are back from Ark. and sold 450 books in 4 days. I have a good following there. It was so beautiful, driving down the winding, curvy roads to a level land of crafters. The largest crowd they had ever had. I thought about this for a whole week. Today is Thursday, but it ended up being the wrong Thursday. I had Melonie run off a copy of a road map and Colin and I were ready to go to Arlington Heights Memorial Library to take my books “The Rose Donlin Series” to a writers group. The group meet on the third Thursday of the month. Well, we found the Library and the kind lady said, “But, this is the fourth Thursday, they met last Thursday.” But guess what? We know how to get there now without getting lost. I will also know what week of Thursday it will be. I have a cute story! 5 year old granddaughter, Morrison Rose told me very seriously, “when she is nine years old she is getting a black dog and naming it Rose. She went on to say, “Her sister 4 year old Gennings was getting a kitty, and I don’t think they’ll get along, so we’ll have to lock up the kitty.”

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