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We left last Friday for a Christening of our great-granddaughter Corabelle E. Bargar. Her parents live in MO. along with our granddaughters parents, our granddaughters parents, our daughter, Kim A. Bonnett and her husband, Don. A wonderful church service, then went for a delicious dinner at “Willamsburg Willy” I am sending my Pioneer Series to this Store and Museum. My Pioneer Series of 8 books sold so well in Spencer, Iowa at the Clay Co. Fair. The books, “Rose Donlin series starting with the first book called “Rose’s Betrayal collmannAnd Survival” The 8 books can be found on my Facebook Also on Amazon/Kindle and Barnes & Noble “NOOK” they can be purchased with Paypal. The new book called “Rose Donlin-The Nest Generation” is going well. Writing nearly every day. The book will be published next year 2014. The book is based on “Rose Donlin’s ” five children. Check out the books.

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