QUOTE OF THE DAY: THE END RESULT FOR THE LOVE OF WRITING IS SEEING YOUR BOOK PUBLISHED: At seventeen, Rose Donlin never suspected that her world would change so completely. Her mother’s death leaves her father unable to care for Rose. He does the unthinkable, he sells Rose to a stranger in Oklahoma for fifty dollars. (This is a paragraph from the back cover of the 1st “Rose Donlin” series story. I continue to try and get my books into Chicago but to no avail. Only known authors get their books out into the public. But I will not give up as I am having the first 1/4th of the new book edited this week, “Rose Donlin-The Next Generation” Colin and I drove North to Arlington Heights Library and left 2 sets of the “Rose Donlin” series for 2 different Readers Club. Chicago will not help me sell my books any where in Chicago.

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