Quote of the day–“When you write with Love in your heart, only good will come to you” This is the second paragraph on the back of the first Rose book. “Rose’s Betrayal And Survival” What Rose finds when she reaches the Oklahoma wilderness is a sick, grizzled, old man. Though scared, she finds herself able to survive extreme weather, animal attacks, dangerous trespassers, and more. Join Rose in her late 1880’s struggle to change herself from a young, scared, city girl to a skilled, quick-witted survivalist in Phyllis A. Collmann’s Rose’s Betrayal and Survival. While Rose learns everything there is to know about wilderness survival and overcoming obstacles, she also gains more valuable life lessons in the bargain: friendship, kindness, contentment, and forgiveness. Morrison, age 5 and Gennings Grace age 4 have conquered the escalator better than I have. We ride the escalator up into Target after dance class and have pizza on Thurs afternoon.

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