QUOTE OF THE DAY–BE THANKFUL FOR THE LARGE THINGS, SMALL THINGS AND MOST OF ALL THE TINY LITTLE THINGS! 5 year old Morrison, 4 year old Gennings had their Thanksgiving Program. Approximately 40 little 4,5,and 6 year olds playing the part of pilgrims. A scarecrow, pumpkin and Morrison played the part of a turkey. She did a great job. Gennings was a little pilgrim and recited her part perfectly. So much to be thankful for. CHAPTER 4–“Rose’s Betrayal And Survival”—- All the chores were still waiting for her. Rose fed and watered the horses first, then she milked the cow. It was getting easier. She took care of the chickens, including gathering the eggs. She heard the big old rooster in flight behind her. Quickly turning, she moved back, and lifted her dress. Her leg sent him upside-down on the barn floor. He staggered to his feet, shook his head, ruffled his feathers, and wandered off. The rooster would test her at different times but Rose was always watching him.

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