QUOTE OF THE DAY! MAYBE CHILDREN SHOULD RUN OUR COUNTRY! Children are so innocent. Colin and I picked up 4 year old Gennings and 6 year old Morrison from their dance class. Gennings has a friend that she plays with while her sister is in dance class. Gennings and her friend, Isaac ran a lot and Gennings ran to me to get a kleenex. I took one out of my purse, she proceeded to blow her nose while Isaac waited impatiently when Gennings was nearly finished he took the kleenex from under her nose and proceeded to blow and wipe his nose. When you are 4 years old innocence is beautiful. Its the little things that count. Laughter teaches children happiness. BOOK 7–Back Cover–Phyllis A. Collmann’s seventh book in the “Rose Donlin Helgens’ series takes you into the private lives of the characters. Individual characters bring terror, excitement, and extreme behavior. Rose tries to protect her loving husband and family from the man that held her husband prisoner for seven months. Finding the secret passage brought answers and closure surrounding the mystery of Wilber Kolveck. Please join Phyllis in this exciting book. wwwcollmannwarehouse.com

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