QUOTE OF THE DAY: BUILD YOUR FOUNDATION ON GOD, LOVE, FAITH, AND EVERYTHING WILL TURN OUT THE WAY GOD WANTS IT TOO!—JOKE-Where do you find a down and out octopus?–On Squid Row. Ha!—-4 year old Gennings Grace yelled out from the bathroom–Knock, Knock–Who’s There– Boo Who-Boo Who-Who—don’t cry grandma!—–The granddaughters helped make a cake at the Condo on Sunday, it turned out great, melted some chocolate chips-spread it over the top, then, they spread cool whip on top. Tomorrow they want to make cupcakes.—-BOOK 5–CHAPTER 20–“ROSE’S UNEXPECTED TRAGEDY” What Henry did not know was he was being watched. The water was churning in every direction. His body turned in a circling pool of water. In minutes he was released from the current and was pulled and pushed to the surface. His lungs were filling with water. Then his face emerged from the water and he gasped for air before going under again. Without any warning the currents horrific speed sent his body around a sharp bend. Henry was about to die.—-www.collmannwarehouse.com

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