WELCOME TO MY WORLD: “Do we need to feel bad if the oscars get rained on?”

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “WE ALL HAVE A PLACE IN THIS WORLD AND WE NEED TO MAKE THE BEST OF IT”–In 1951 I met a young man named Colin, at the time I had never heard of the name. We met at a wedding dance in Merrill, Iowa IN 1962. He told me his mother named him after a cousin of hers in South Dakota. All through High School he never heard of anyone with the name. Lately we have heard the name more often.—Grandpa Colin and I took the Luban girls into the city for dance class. They always have a great time, seeing friends only once a week.—-BOOK 1–“ROSE’S BETRAYAL AND SURVIVAL”–chapter 1–HE WAS ALWAYS HOME BY LATE AFTERNOON. WHILE LOUIS DONLIN HAD BEEN PICKING UP SUPPLIES IN THE GENERAL STORE, HE READ A NOTICE ON THE WALL, WHICH HAD STATED A MAN IN THE OKLAHOMA TERRITORY WANTED A BRIDE, AND WOULD BE WILLING TO PAY FOR HER. THE DOOR SLOWLY OPENED, AND A PALE OLD MAN LOOKED AT HER FOR A LONG TIME BEFORE HE SAID, “DON’T JUST STAND THERE, COME IN.” INSIDE THE CABIN, ROSE STOOD IN DISBELIEF.—-www.collmannwarehouse.com

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