QUOTE OF THE DAY:”LOVE OF FAMILY”—–Heard from the Luban girls mother. They had so much fun making Molasses cookies. The girls got to roll the dough in balls, then, roll them in sugar. Lots of laughter and giggles.——-BOOK 2–“ROSE’S TRIUMPHANT RETURN”—But something looked different. She started around the tree to untie the man. She opened her mouth and the air she took in made her cough and choke. The disbelief first, then the realization of what she was not seeing, suddenly set in. The man was gone.——FROM THE NEW BOOK–“ROSE DONLIN–THE NEXT GENERATION”—CHAPTER 33–Myra arrived at the sheriff’s office and asked “If he had any news on Margaret’s disappearance. The sheriff did not like keeping the telegram a secret but he was sure she would want to go with Joseph if she knew he was going. Oliver Van Dee would not be safe if Myra was in the court room.—-www.collmannwarehouse.com

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