QUOTE OF THE DAY: ALWAYS BE PREPARED FOR SURPRISES! Colin, Melonie, Morrison, Gennings and myself attended Easter Sunrise Church in Missouri. Melonie sang and the Ministers wife gave a skit on Jesus’ last days and his rising from the tomb. It was so inspiring and touching. A big “Shout Out” to Morrison and Gennings for a seven hour ride going and coming home in the car.——CHAPTER FROM NEW BOOK—“ROSE DONLIN–THE NEXT GENERATION”–They found talking to each other so easy. Gerhard told Myra how his meeting with his birth mother started. He explained how better she was after all these years. She had not been able to put the bad past out of her mind until he told her his story how very much she had done for him by giving him up to a loving couple who could not have a family.–www.collmannwarehouse.com

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