QUOTE OF THE DAY:”LEARN SOMETHING EVERY DAY”—Colin and I have traveled a lot from our Condo in Chicago to our farm in Northwest Iowa but this trip home to the farm was a trip for us to remember a long time. We knew it was going to be stormy but we thought we could beat it. We stopped at a drive through for coffee. Colin rolled down his window and drove away. He pushed on the up button to roll it back up and the window refused to move, no matter how he worked on it. Then, it started to rain. The rain storm was now over us. We pulled over at a weight station and Colin tore apart a box after emptying books out of it. He stuck it down into the window frame, then, slammed the top in the door. The storm lasted from Iowa City to the turn north on Hwy 29. He was a little wet but we made it. Today the window is being fixed.—From the new book—“Rose Donlin-The Next Generation”—CHAPTER 20—They crossed the creek and rode back to where the swimming water was the best. The boy jumped off and yelled, “This is my sister, Rainbow End pointing to a small dark skinned girl of seven. That was the first meeting.—wwwcollmannwarehouse.com

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