QUOTE OF THE DAY:”LOVE IS ENDLESS”—Colin and I left the Condo and headed for the school to pick up 6 year old Morrison and 4 year old Gennings. They had an end-of-the-year school outing at the bowling alley. What a joy watching 4 year olds carrying the bowling ball to the line and trying to throw it down the lane. Most of the time it bounced from one side to the other. Once in awhile the ball headed straight down and suddenly shifted to one side of the pins at the last second and knocked down one or two of them. Morrison had 69 and Gennings had 58. After an hour and a half, they were both ready to admit they were tired.–It doesn’t get any better than that—From the New Book–“Rose Donlin-The Next Generation”–CHAPTER 12–Brandon decided he had to help Oliver steal the cows and calves he had helped Gerrit and Wyatt raise. His hands were shaking when he put the claw of the hammer to take out the staples that were pounded in the fence post that held the wire to the post.—-www.collmannwarehouse.com also http://www.facebook.com/collmannwarehouse

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