QUOTE OF THE DAY! WE ALL HAVE TO ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES AT SOME TIME IN OUR LIFE! We attended the Craft Fair April 17,18,19, at the Odeum I Vista Park, Chicago. So many talented Crafters. Jewelry, clothing, wreaths, wine pkgs, furniture, honey, candy and so much more. I was the only Author there. I had a booth to sell the “Rose Donlin Series” I me so many kind people and especially the wonderful kind words from people who had bought the books last year. The first book is “Rose’s Betrayal And Survival” CHAPTER 7–Rose made Joseph his breakfast. She tried to do her chores earlier, because she needed to get to the creek to do the wash. Her mind was busy thinking of ways to help Joseph feel better. The splashing of the water while she scrubbed the clothes blocked out any noise. A feeling came over her, and little shivers shook her body. A frightening horror was coming toward her. She determined at that second she was going to die. http://www.collmannwarehouse.com

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