QUOTE OF THE DAY! GOD IS GOOD!–We arrived home the last of May and we had one month to prepare for our family coming for the 4th of July. Washing all of the windows and screens was all worth it. Getting to see all of our children. Cynthia from Ottumwa, Iowa, her two daughters. Erika and Travis Contrell, their two children, Dane and Kensly. Molly, her two boys, Wyatt and Wade. Kim and Don from Fulton, Mo. Her son Thomas and Megan, their daughter Emmy. Kim’s daughter did not get to come, she is expecting the 1st of Sept. Ron Collmann from Plattsmouth, Neb. Ron’s son, Corey and Kariann, their three children, Titus, Whitney, Meredith. Ron’s daughter Katy and husband Josh Gengler, daughters Bren, and Nora. Melonie, from Chicago, her two daughters, Morrison and Gennings Grace. The folloeing week Colin and I went to Sargent Bluff and visited with the Antique Pickers owner. He purchased the 9 books of the “Rose Donlin Story” and will put the books in the store. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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