QUOTE OF THE DAY! LOVE CAN LAST FOREVER! So much of life has happened since I wrote last. The farm called us home for the summer. The 4th of July was a wonderful family gathering. When we moved onto our farm our four children were 9,7, 4, and Melonie was born here. The 3 older children are now grand parents, time waits for no one. On July 21st, my brother, Paul called me to inform all of our family our 55 year old niece, Lori Rollins had passed away. All of our children came, Cynthia from Ottumwa, Iowa Kimberly from Fulton, Mo, Ron from Plattsmouth, Neb Melonie, Morrison and Gennings Grace from Chicago, IL. Melonie sang “Till We Meet Again” and “In The Garden” Seeing all of the nieces and nephews of the Alva and Myra Rollins family was like walking down memory lane. One of my nieces I had not seen for awhile said, “Aunt Phyllis, I didn’t know about your books.” So I told her about the “Rose Donlin Series” Since we have been home I have sent books to Ohio, SD, and LA. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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