QUOTE OF THE DAY! PATIENCE ARE A VIRTUE!—To all my friends and family. A year ago I heard from a Producer/Director in Calif. Frank Di Muccio. He had read the “Rose Donlin Story” His E-Mails continued for over the past year, talking to me about making my books into a movie. Then as time went by I came in contact with a lady, Producer/Line Director. Celina Reising from LA. She also read all of the books agreed the books are ready to make a movie. Frank Di Muccio worked for over 4 months writing the first book into a 2 hour movie script. Frank and Celina knew each other a long time ago, since that time they have reconnected. Frank sent the Script to Celina and now the wait is on. I would like to share the last E-Mail I received from Mr. Di Muccio because I had indicated I was getting impatient. Hi Phyllis, Celina is quite busy, and is hard to get in contact with at times. Yes, she did tell me she received the books and at last contact, had read the first 2 books and enjoyed them. She questioned me in regard to the Script and wondered if the pilot script was the appropriate length. I assured her that we had a 2 hour script, and I immediately sent her a copy. She then contacted me saying she would have to do a script budget, and would get back in touch. This process takes sometime researching locations, directors notes, wardrobes, makeup, animal handlers, etc, etc etc, Please be patient. I’ve known Celina several years and she is an excellent producer, line producer. You have to keep in mind, that your books are what are called “period” pieces, and these are very difficult to produce, and Fund. Think of it this way: your stories require many antique items as well as live animals; optimally we have to find an 1800’s functioning steam locomotive, at least one passenger car, a bear, dogs, amountain lion, horses, buggies, buckboards, etc. Researsch and Funds are the only way to find and secure these kinds of things, and it all takes time___ We will be in touch when things progress. My regards to you and yours. Your friend and fan Frank Di Muccio Blessings To All Who Read This And if You Have a Commit I Would Love To Hear From You! Phyllis A. Collmann

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