QUOTE OF THE DAY! WITH AGE COMES RESPECT FOR THE PERSON THAT HAS STOOD BESIDE YOU FOR 64 YEARS! The Northwest Iowa snowstorm kept Colin and I home alone for over a full week. We missed a beautiful wedding in Sioux Falls, SD. also Colin always takes me out for an anniversary meal, we missed that. But we found many other exciting things to do. Colin was so excited when it snowed, he had a new snow blower in the garage that had never been used. So, in spite of his shoulder and age, he blew snow all over the drive-way, and smiled all the while. I, on the other hand, cleaned the bathroom and pantry. That’s called contentment. Attention! Family, old friends, new friends, friends we will meet at the next Craft Shows this year. I have a booth in Omaha and Sioux Falls. My little granddaughters in Chicago has made a new Video for my Web Page. The Stars are Morrison Rose and Gennings Grace also Besley. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT. The “Rose Donlin” books are doing very well and the Dream continues to make a Movie of the books.

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