QUOTE OF THE DAY! REMEMBER HOW YOU TREAT OTHERS, YOU WILL BE TREATED!–We will return to the farm to grow old or older. After much thought and talking in long conversations between Colin and I, we have unanimously decided to go back to Iowa and the farm. The decision was made before our little granddaughter fell from a rope in her basement and broke her collar bone. Her arm is stabilized in a sling. Gennings Grace had an appointment with a Dr. yesterday and is to continue with no rough housing and continuing wearing her sling. Life’s path holds no promises. She is truly a Ninja Warrior.—-In Oct. we have a booth at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. Also in Nov. we have a booth at the Ralston Arena in Omaha, Neb to sell the “Rose Donlin Series” Since I stopped writing my thoughts go back to each of the 12 books I have written. Its the love of writing I miss, but life has a way of filling up fast. Now, we are preparing the Condo for sale. Love to everyone who reads my Blog! Phyllis A. Collmann